• Los Angeles Bail Bonds


  • Why Using a Los Angeles Bail Bonds Company Saves Money and Time

    Getting arrested is without a doubt something unpleasant, but if you’ve done something to deserve it, you have to face the consequences. After the arrest, there will be a hearing and the judge is going to decide whether you will have to stay in jail until the trial or whether he can release you on […]

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  • Qingfei Sun Warrant For Arrest of Domestic Abuse

    Qingfei Sun Warrant Qingfei Sun Warrant Amount: $25,000 Charges: PC 243(E)(1) Battery on spouse/person whom defendant is cohabitating with Date of Arrest: 9/25/2015 Case #: BAM1503977 [pdf-embedder url=”https://demetriabailbonds.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/BAM1503977-Case-Report-Countywide-Criminal-Traffic.pdf” title=”Qingfei Sun Wanted Fugitive”]

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  • Qingfei Sun Wanted Domestic Assault

    Qingfei Sun Wanted Fugitive Assault

    QINGFEI SUN : WANTED Wanted by Riverside County Sheriff on a $25,000 warrant and Demetria’s Bail Bonds in California for FTA (Failure To Appear) on charges of domestic abuse (Battery on spouse/person whom defendant is cohabitating with). Last known whereabouts of Quingfei Sun was on Diamond Street in Arcadia, Riverside County, California. While living with […]

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  • Bail Bond Calculator

    Curious about the real cost of Los Angeles bail bonds? Use this free bail bond calculator to determine the amount you would need to pay to secure the freedom of your friend or loved one from any Los Angeles County jail. Simply input the Los Angeles bail bonds amount required for release and you’ll receive […]

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  • What to Do When Arrested in Los Angeles

    Los Angeles Arrest

    If you are arrested in Los Angeles, which could be just the city, or Los Angeles County or any surrounding suburb; the most important thing to remember is who your bail bondsman is. Knowing who to call at 2am when arrested in Los Angeles is as important as knowing to remain silent during the arrest. […]

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  • California Bail Bonds Rights


    California bail bonds rights are afforded to all citizens of California and also it’s visitors and guests. The following information is a direct excerpt from the California Constitution Article 1 Declaration of Rights. We must all remember that as citizens we have certain inalienable rights that we are innocent until proven guilty and that under […]

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  • Bail Bonds Glossary

    bail bonds glossary of terms

    After having heard so many terms thrown around we’ve decided to build our own bail bonds glossary of terms. Below you’ll find standard verbiage for the bail bonds industry and some slang words not so much. Please check back to see any new words added. Bail: A dollar amount set by the Los Angeles County […]

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