Los Angeles bail bonds are written upon a bail schedule devised by Los Angeles County. So while a bail amount may be set, there are a few other options for different types of bail bonds.

There are numerous types of Los Angeles bail bonds available to get people out of jail when they have been arrested and accused of a crime. Any defendant in the Los Angeles Mens Jail needs to post bail quickly, discretely and at an affordable rate. The level of the bond and the availability of bail depend greatly on the crimes alleged and each different type of bail bonds has a specific purpose.


For those Los Angelinos who can afford it, they can pay the entire amount of the bond directly to the court. This is expensive and the money is held until the end of the trial. What some people fail to realize is that the bond is just the start of the court case and that you will need some hefty cash to pay for an attorney. If your family can afford your bond, some courts deem you to be able to afford your own attorney and you may not get a public defender.

Reason Not to Pay The Full Cash Bond and Use Our Services

  • Because you were arrested, your employer might terminate you employment. Even though this may be illegal, it does happen. When you have no job, you have no income.
  • When the police kicked in your door and tossed your apartment, they may have caused a few thousand dollars worth of damage to the property. It’s not only the door frame, lock and door we are talking about here; some overzealous cops may have opened plumbing fixtures, ripped open walls and floorboards, emptied the contents of your refrigerator, etc. If you’re a renter you might need to pay to have this damage repaired. Now would be a good time to look over your rental insurance policy.
  • Your apartment may be unfit for habitation due to smoke grenades or O.C. canisters being pitched in during the arrest. You can’t live in a home where chemical agents were deployed. You will need to find residence somewhere else, and if you have to pay for a hotel for a couple months that could get expensive. Because of the contaminants, the apartment or home will need to be cleaned thoroughly. This includes all carpeting, furniture, walls, electronics and other items where the residue may have fallen will need to be disinfected. Imagine your children playing in the room where an OC canister landed and they rub their eyes.

Use the money for other purposes and pay only a fraction of the bond to Los Angeles Bail Bonds.


This is where we come in to help save you money. A surety bail bond involves a contract with our bail agent that contains stipulations for your release, such as drug treatment programs, curfew and most importantly making all your court appointments. Surety bonds typically require some form of collateral for the bail amount.


In some California jurisdictions, courts may allow real property to be used to post a bail bond. This property used is typically twice the value of the imposed bail, and involves many complicated forms, surveys and procedures.


These bonds are used when a person is accused of a federal crime. Federal bonds are set against a standard bail schedule and because of the complexity are usually more expensive than other types of bonds. Having a Los Angeles bail bondsman by your side can make a huge difference in the amount of time someone sits in jail and can save you a lot of money.


Los Angeles Immigration bonds affect people charged with crimes that involve foreign nationals. These types of bonds are also used for illegal immigrants detained in any facility controlled by I.C.E.

Immigration bonds are extremely complicated and usually involve a great deal of risk on the part of the bondsman, and are generally more expensive and difficult to obtain. Some bondsmen won’t do these bonds as they are too time consuming. Call us, we’ll find a way to get your loved one out of an ICE detention center.

Los Angeles Bail Bonds know that you do not want your loved one sitting behind bars any longer than they have to, and our agents will immediately know which bond you need once you give them the information on your case. At Los Angeles Bail Bonds we treat every individual client as if they were our own family member by providing quick, discrete bail bonds service.

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