Please download these free bail bond forms as soon as possible. The sooner the paperwork has been completed and handed to your bail bondsman, the faster the process of getting your friend or loved one released from a Los Angeles California jail will be.

If you need any assistance in filling out the bail bond forms please contact your bondsman at your convenience.

The Bail Bond Application form is the primary form to begin the bail bond process. This form includes all of the information about the defendant and lists the rules by which the bond will be written. Information on this form includes the name of the defendant, address, personal description, employment, references and other determining factors for the bond. Download the form now to get started on the immediate release of your friend or loved one.

If you will be a Warrant Walk Through, please download the forms and give to your bondsmen prior to turning yourself in.

Download >> Bail Bond Application

Addendum to Bail Bond Application and Agreement ASC-CA-030:
Download >> Addendum to Bail Bond Application Agreement

The Bail Bond Indemnitor Agreement includes the information necessary to process the bail bond(s) for the defendant. Information on this form will include name, relationship, address, employment and your agreement that you will ensure the defendant will make all court appointed meetings.
Download >> Bail Bond Indemnitor Agreement

Addendum to Indemnitor Application and Agreement ASC-CA-031:
Download >> Addendum to Indemnitor Application Agreement

Indemnitor Guarantor Checklist:
Download >> Indemnitor Guarantor Checklist

Certificate of 8% Premium:
Download >> Certificate of 8% Premium

Acknowledgement of 8% Premium Policy:
Download >> Acknowledgement of 8% Premium Policy

Plain Talk Contract:
View >> Plain Talk Contract

Privacy Notice:
View >> Privacy Notice

If you are an out of town co-signor, we’ll need you to fill out the forms completely, sign and have them notarized. Once they have been notarized please fax the bail bond forms to: (323) 752-2210. Once we receive the forms we’ll begin the process of immediately removing your loved one from custody.

We will also need you to overnight the bail bond forms to:

Demetria’s Bail Bonds
Attn: Bail Bondsman
7500 S. Broadway
Los Angeles, CA 90003

The above forms are prepared as printable PDF forms. If you cannot see the forms on your computer you may need the latest version of Adobe PDF Reader. This is a free download: Adobe Reader